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Put on your pressure suit and commence docking procedures, because we have a Spacestation powerful enough to take you to the moon and way, way beyond. See the stars like you ve never seen before with a view from an all new Tasco Spacestation telescope featuring a cosmically inspired new design. Its variable LED electronic Red Dot Finderscope takes you to visit your favorite constellation in a flash by quickly finding any object in the sky. Partially pre assembled and super sturdy, these Spacestations come ready for blast off, so let the countdown begin.

With an LED electronic red dot finderscope, 500mm focal length and 114mm objective mirror, the Spacestation 114ST is ideal for any astronomer.

114x 500mm Reflector ST
Mount Single Fork Arm Altazimuth
Finderscope Red Dot Starpointer
Focal Ratio F 4.4
Eyepieces 25mm 20x 10mm 50x 4mm 125x
Tripod Adjustable Aluminum
Weight lbs. kg 22.5 10.2

Camping Tasco Spacestation 114mm Reflector ST Telescope

  • Code: novaCWR-40104
  • $220.27

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